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ref: 1656
Grave location: A H-7
Died Saturday 5th February 1944, aged 0
Shevat, 5704
Additional Information
Age at death: 66

1881 census: 10, Dock St, Whitechapel
1891 census: 18, Mountford St, Whitechapel
1901 census:12 West Arbour Street, Stepney, London
1911 census: 19 Ely Terrace, Mile End, London
122 Ernest Street, Shoreditch & Stepney, London

Moses Barzilay, 1898, Mile End Old Town

Clara born 21 Aug 1900
Israel born 19 Aug 1903
Alfred born 27 Jan 1907
Judah born 1909
Kate born 5 Oct 1910
Leonard Barclay (originally Louis Barzilay) born 14 Sep 1912
Millie/Amelia born 4 Dec 1914

Father: Israel Berlinsky, born Poland, married 1876
Mother: Clara nee Van Praag, born 1852, Whitechapel

Career: Worked in a cigar factory
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