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ref: 1544
Grave location: A O-9
CEMMELL, Gertrude
Died Wednesday 17th September 1969, aged 0
Tishrei, 5730
Additional Information
Born 13 May 1889, Austria nee Kammerman
Marriage: Jackson Cemmell, 1906
Fanny, born 1907, United States
Edith, born 1909, Lincoln
Sarah, born 1910, Lincoln
Rebecca, born 1912, Derby
Isaac, born 1913, Derby
Rachel L, born 1916, Derby
Barnet, born 1917, Derby
Mathilda S, born 1918, Derby

18, Drewry Lane, Derby (1911)
3, Traffic St, Derby (1925-32)
356, Humberstone Road, Leicester (1936)
56, Shanklin Drive, Leicester (1969)
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