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ref: 1541
Grave location: A L-9
BROWN, Rachel
Died Saturday 23rd November 1935, aged 0
Marcheshvan, 5696
Additional Information
Age at death: 69

Born Poland Russia, 1866
Marriage: David Brown, 1887

Susman(Cecil) born 1889, Edinburgh, died in action 15 Jul 1916
Harry born 1890, Edinburgh
Solomon born 1892, Edinburgh
Kate born 1895, Leicester
Deborah born 1898, Leicester
Annie born 1899, Leicester
Doris born 1904, Leicester
Nathan born 1907, Leicester

20, Guthrie St, Edinburgh (1891)
3, Queen St, Leicester (1901)
62, Nichols St, Leicester (1911)
26, Upper Fox Street, Leicester (1935)
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