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ref: 3022
Grave location: B J-6
BERMAN, Phyllis
Died Friday 10th April 2015, aged 93
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Phyllis was the elder child of Israel and Rebecca Necus. She started school at 3 and discovered a lifelong love of reading. She later attended the Central Foundation Girls' School. At the start of the war the family left Hackney and settled in Northampton, where she trained at the General Hospital.

She qualified as SRN and also won the gynaecology prize. Later on, she worked as a part-time staff nurse in Leicester General Hospital and was able to advise customers who came to the family pharmacy.

In 1947 she married Jack Berman and they brought up 4 children in Leicester, Jack setting up as a pharmacist. She contributed to community activities such as WIZO and the Ladies Guild.

Boxes of programmes from concerts and plays showed her love of theatre and music. Diverse books filled the shelves including plays, biographies, novels, poetry and dictionaries to resolve Scrabble disputes.

After many years of hard work, Jack and Phyllis enjoyed travelling abroad, touring through Europe. After Jack's unexpected death, she rebuilt her life. She joined the Friends of the New Walk Museum, attended concerts and talks and visited museums and galleries in Europe and America. The diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease was difficult for her. Her final years were spent in a care home where she liked to feel useful, chatting to the manager and organising the staff. They, for their part, recognised a resourceful woman endowed with intelligence and spirit.
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