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ref: 1728
Grave location: A AA-6
HURWICH, Priscilla
Died Sunday 27th April 1975, aged 71
Iyar, 5735

Additional Information
42, St Peters Road, Leicester (1924)
4, Tichborne Street, Leicester (1925)

Marriage: Jack (John) Hurwich, Leicester, 1924

Lysbeth Rosemary Hurwich, born 1925
Ruth Primrose Hurwich, born 1928
Bertram David Hurwich, born 1937

Father: Isaiah Cyr Thomas, born 1877, died 1939
Mother: Eugenie Beatrice nee Hart, born 1874, died 1942
Sister: Aileen Rosa Thomas, born 1906
Brother: Henry Hart Thomas, born 1909
Grandmother (P), Betsy Thomas nee Belcher
Grandfather (P), Simon Thomas, born 1852

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