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ref: 1728
Grave location: A AA-6
HURWICH, Priscilla Evelyn
Died Sunday 27th April 1975, aged 71
Iyar, 5735

Additional Information
Addresses 42, St Peters Road, Leicester (1924) 4, Tichborne Street, Leicester (1925) Marriages Jack (John) Hurwich, Leicester, 1924 Children Lysbeth Rosemary Hurwich, born 1925 Ruth Primrose Hurwich, born 1928 Bertram David Hurwich, born 1937 Relatives Father, Isaiah Cyr Thomas, born 1877, died 1939 Mother, Eugenie Beatrice nee Hart, born 1874, died 1942 Sister, Aileen Rosa Thomas, born 1906 Brother, Henry Hart Thomas, born 1909 Grandmother (P), Betsy Thomas nee Belcher Grandfather (P), Simon Thomas, born 1852

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