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ref: 1723
Grave location: A U-6
ODZE, Paul Pinches
Died Wednesday 30th June 1948, aged 69
Sivan, 5708
Additional Information
, North Rhine-Westphalia (1920)
, Hanover
21, Gwendolen Road, Leicester (1947-8)

Gertrud Helene Schaul, Hanover, 1909

Evelyn Therese Odze, born 1911, died 2002
Walter Karl Odze, born 1918, died 1976

Mother, Laja/Lea Silberstein, born 1851, died 1923
Father, Salomon Odze, born 1843, died 1918
Sister, Cecilia Odze, born 1877, died 1950
Sister, Amalla Odze, born 1881, died 1947
Brother, Marcus/Max, born 1882, died 1914

Research Notes and References
Naturalization Certificate AZ31812 issued to Paul Odze of no nationality 11 Sept 1947
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