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ref: 1593
Grave location: A U-12
Died Saturday 2nd August 1952, aged 66
Av, 5712

Additional Information
Marriages Else Research Notes and References Dr. F. Rosenthal (Leicester, formerly Hamburg) has been appointed a member of the Editorial Board of the " Acta Haematologica," an archive for blood diseases printed in New York. From AJR Information, Vol. VII No. 9, September 1952 Professor Dr. Felix Rosenthal (Leicester) passed away on August 2. He was an outstanding physician and an authority on liver and blood diseases. Prior to his emigration he held an appointment with the Breslau University Hospital and was Professor Extraordinary at Breslau University; from 1930 to 1938 he was Director of the Jewish Hospital in Hamburg. In Leicester, where he settled after having left Germany, he soon acquired again a high reputation both as a research worker and as a practitioner. Dr. Rosenthal, who was the son of Rabbi Ferdinand Rosenthal, Breslau, always took an active part in Jewish life. He was a member of the AJR Leicester Branch.

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