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ref: 1579
Grave location: A Q-2
LEVIN, Alexander Mordicai
Died Saturday 21st October 1922, aged 52
Tishrei, 5683
Additional Information
9, Tolmers Square, London (1901)
37, Earl Howe Street (Boarder), Leicester (1911)
19, Walnut Street, Leicester (1912-1922)

Minnie Oppenheim, Mile End, London, 1896

Montague, born 1897, died 1915
Mathilda, born 1900
Meir/Myer (?Mia), born 1902
Zalma Cecil, born 1902, died 1923
Arnold Elkin, born 1904
Dorothy May, born 1906
Sydney Augustave, born 1909, died 1911

Father, Zendel

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