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ref: 1579
Grave location: A Q-2
LEVIN, Alexander
Died Saturday 21st October 1922, aged 52
Tishrei, 5683

Additional Information
Born 15 Mar 1869 Warsaw,Poland
Marriage: Minnie Oppenheim, Mile End, London, 1896
Montague born 1897 Marylebone, died 1917
Mathilda: born 1900 St Pancras
Meir/Myer (?Mia), born 1902 St Pancras
Zalma Cecil born 1902 St Pancras, died 1923
Arnold Elkin born 1904 Marylebone
Dorothy May, born 1906 Marylebone
Sydney Augustave born 1909 Marylebone
Gertrude born 1912 Leicester
Father: Zendel
9, Tolmers Square, London (1901)
37, Earl Howe St., Leicester (1911)
19, Walnut Street, Leicester (1921-1936)

Occupation: tailor, Joseph Johnson Ltd (1921)

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