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ref: 1566
Grave location: A O-12
SPIRO, Gerald
Died Wednesday 20th November 1940, aged 2
Marcheshvan, 5701

Additional Information
Born: 25 Feb 1938

28, Fillebrook Road, Waltham Forest (1939)
25 Highfield Street, Leicester (1940)

Grandfather: Caspar Ezekiel Spiro
Grandmother: Annie Rebecca Spiro, d 1940
Mother: Rose Spiro (nee Weinstein), b 1 Apr 1905, d 1940
Father: John Spiro, born 3 May 1907
Brother: Gordon Beresford Spiro, b 22 Dec 1935, d 1940

Graves No 71/72/73 contain remains of:
Rebecca Annie Spiro
Iris Queenie Marks (nee Spiro)
Rose Spiro
Gerald Spiro
Gordon Spiro

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