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ref: 1547
Grave location: A K-10
WACKS, Leopold
Died Thursday 8th April 1937, aged 70
Nisan, 5697

Additional Information
Marriage: Julia Braham, Mile End Old Town, London, 1887

Frances Beatrice Wacks, born 1888
Augusta Lilian Wacks, born 1890
Dorothy Miriam Wacks, born 1893
Joseph Braham Wacks, born 1894
Isabella Deborah Wacks, born 1896
Stella/Estelle/Esther Marguerite Wacks, born 1898
Marjorie/Margery Evelyn Wacks, born 1899
Edward Reginald B Wacks, born 1901
Bertie/Albert David B Wacks, born 1902
Winifred Wacks, born 1903, died 1903
Alfred Montague B Wacks, born 1905
Nora Elizabeth A Wacks, born 1908

Mother: Amelia/Mirla Harwitz/Horwetz
Father: Joseph Wacks, died 1873
Sister: Hannah Wacks, born 1864
Brother: Morris Jacob Wacks, born 1865
Nephew: Philip Joseph Wacks, born 1893
Nephew: Joseph Wacks, born 1894
Niece: Hannah Wacks, born 1896
Niece: Vera Theresa Wacks, born 1901

31, Redcliffe Street, Bristol (1867)
13, New Walk, Leicester (1892)
52, Saxe-Coburg Street, Leicester (1894-98)
14, Upper Tichborne Street, Leicester (1899-1904)
6, College Street, Leicester (1906)
34, Tichborne Street, Leicester(1908-22)
The Retreat, The Green, Leire, Leics (1916-19)
Linden House, Countesthorpe, Leics (1920-
24, St James Road, Leicester (1922-
25, Stanmore Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham (1937)

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