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ref: 1523
Grave location: A O-6
Died Monday 15th August 1927, aged 21
Av, 5687
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Addresses 24, St James Street, Leicester (1911) 49,Rosebery Street, Leicester (1927) Relatives Father, Robert Alfred Allured, born 1869, died 1952 Mother, Kate Allured, born 1885, died 1946 Brother, Israel Allured, born 1907 Brother, Benjamin Abraham Allured, born 1908, died 1928 Sister, Rebecca Allured, born 1909 Sister, Rose Allured, born 1909, died 1909 Brother, Lewis Allured, born 1910 Sister, Florence C Allured, born 1911 Brother, Male child, born 1912, died 1912 Brother, Rudolph Allured, born 1913, died 1980 Brother, Jacob H Allured, born 1914 Sister, Florence R Allured, born 1915 Brother, Reginald M Allured, born 1916, died 1918 Brother, Henry D Allured, born 1918 Brother, Stanley R Allured, born 1920, died 1940 Brother, Frank D Allured , born 1924 Sister, Sylvia Allured, born 1928 Sister, Eileen Allured, born 1930 Brother, Dennis J E Allured , born 1931
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