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ref: 1471
Grave location: A JJ-12
Died Monday 15th January 1962, aged 52
, 5722

Additional Information
Age at death: 52
Born: 22 June 1911, Liverpool
Parents: Julius and Annie Cordover, both born Russia.

60, Warren St., Liverpool (1911)
59½ Highcross St., Leicester (1939 Register)
Abram, born 1898 Liverpool
Bessy, born 1901 Liverpool
Morris, born 1903 Liverpool
Fanny, born 1908 Liverpool
Dora, born 1913 Liverpool
Leah, born 1915 Liverpool
Nathan, born 1918 Liverpool
Leo, born 1920 Liverpool
Rebecca, born 1923 Liverpool

Article in the Jewish Chronicle January 12th 1962:
Two Brothers Die on the Same Day
A double funeral took place in Leicester last week after two brothers died suddenly within twelve hours of each other. Neither of them was aware of his brother's illness. They were Mr Henry Cordover, 52-year-old turf accountant's manager, and Mr Maurice Cordover, 58-year-old commercial traveller.

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Awaiting photograph of headstone.

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