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ref: 1444
Grave location: A PP-10
ALOUF, Mentesh
Died Sunday 24th November 1968, aged 72
Kislev, 5729
Additional Information
Addresses 31, Wood Lane, W12, London (1933) Marriages Maggie Cortes, Hammersmith, London, 1928 Children Marco A Alouf, born Brentford, born 1930 Jack Alouf, born Kensington, born 1936 Relatives Father, Jacob Alouf, born 1852, died 1943 Grandfather (P), Abraham Alouf Research Notes and References Allalouf, Mentesh (known as Mentesh Alouf); Greece; Linen Merchant and Market Salesman; 18, Springfield Road, Leicester. 5 May, 1948 Allalouf, Mentesh Naturalization papers at the National Archives, AZ42165 Date of certificate 29 Apr 1948 HO334/210/42165 Travelled to New York on 'Ile de France' from Plymouth, age 38, carpet dealer, 19 July 1933
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