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ref: 1444
Grave location: A PP-10
ALOUF, Mentesh
Died Sunday 24th November 1968, aged 72
Kislev, 5729

Additional Information
Age at death: 72

31, Wood Lane, W12, London (1933)

Maggie Cortes, Hammersmith, London, 1928

Marco A Alouf, born Brentford, born 1930
Jack Alouf, born Kensington, born 1936

Father: Jacob Alouf, born 1852, died 1943
Grandfather (P): Abraham Alouf

Further Information
Research Notes and References:
Allalouf, Mentesh (known as Mentesh Alouf);
Greece; Linen Merchant and Market Salesman;
18, Springfield Road, Leicester. 5 May, 1948
Allalouf, Mentesh:
Naturalization papers at the National Archives, AZ42165
Date of certificate 29 Apr 1948 HO334/210/42165
Travelled to New York on 'Ile de France' from Plymouth, age 38, carpet dealer, 19 July 1933
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