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ref: 1420
Grave location: A HH-9
OKEN, Kate(Goldie)
Died Saturday 27th May 1961, aged 59
Sivan, 5721

Additional Information
Born Kate Moseson 1902 Manchester
Marriage: Sidney Oken, Leicester, 1948
Father, Marks Moseson (Morrison) born 1865 Russia
Mother, Sophia Moseson born 1870 Russia
Sister, Annie born 1891 Manchester
Sister, Rebecca born 1893 Manchester
Sister, Leah born 1895 Manchester
Sister, Sarah born 1898 Manchester
Sister, Bessie born 1904 Manchester
Sister, Hettie born 1906 Manchester
Sister, Charlotte born 1909 Manchester
1a, Salisbury Road , Leicester (1948)
Highfield Street, Leicester

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