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ref: 1406
Grave location: A LL-8
Died Sunday 22nd October 1967, aged 76
Tishrei, 5728

Additional Information
Born Leah Weinstein 4 Oct 1891
Marriage: Moses Harry Worms
Millicent born 1921 West Ham
Rose born 1925 West Ham

1 Step Green Buildings, MEOT (1901)
1, Govey's Place, Mile End (1911)
5, Alexandra Ave., Gt. Yarmouth (1939)

Father: Alfred Weinstein born 1860 Germany
Mother Amelia born 1869 Spitalfields
Alexander born 1890 Whitechapel
Sarah born 1894 Hackney
Esther born 1896 Whitechapel
Rose born 1898 Whitechapel
Fanny born 1904 Stepney
Hilda born 1908 Stepney
Beatrice born 1910 Mile End
Occupation: tailoress (1911)

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