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ref: 1257
Grave location: B E-4
BELGARD, Hans Joachim
Died Monday 16th February 1987, aged 71
Shevat, 5747
Additional Information
60 Greenhill Rd, Leic. (1953), Leicester
2 Carisbrooke Ave, Leic. (1959), Leicester
423 London Road, Leic. (1967), Leicester
36 Ring Road, Leic. (1979), Leicester

Ellen Boxall, Hampstead, 1940
Carole E. Belgard, Leicester, 1973

Diana k. (1st), born 1941
Carole M. (1st), born 1942
Cynthia M. (1st), born 1945
Nicholas J. (2nd), born 1964
Simon D., born 1966
Saran J., born 1972
Sarah J., born 1973
Simon Dominic, born 1973
Sean Adam, born 1967

Research Notes and References
German Nationality annulled (late ’30’s) in Berlin.
Listed in “Sharit haPlatah” (Jewish survivors of the Holocaust) – US Holocaust Memorial Museum.
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