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ref: 1003
Grave location: B KK-8
MUNZER, Friedel
Died Thursday 10th October 1996, aged 76
Tishri, 5757
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Kurt Munzer


Research Notes and References
Also known as Elfrieda and Frieda.
Audio interview held at East Midlands Oral History Archive, description:
Title Interview with Elfrida Munzer Duration 46 mins 14 secs Created 1987-12-14 Date 1920 to 1929 Collection East Midlands Oral History Archive (via My Leicestershire History) Language
Country View on map United Kingdom United Kingdom Creator
Munzer, Elfrida
People & Organisations
Munzer, Elfrida
Munzer, Elfrida
World War II
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Talks about difficulties for her, a Jewish pupil, at school in Germany after 1933. Describes family moving to Holland in 1938 to start photography business, having to flee to England in lifeboat at outbreak of Second World War, internment in Holloway Prison. Describes internment camp on Isle of Man, restrictions. Outlines coming to Leicester, finding work, difficulties settling, getting news of mother in Germany, staying in Leicester for sake of children. Interviewee’s gender: Female; Interviewee’s DOB: 1920; Town of birth: East Prussia, Germany; Father’s occupation: Businessman; Mother’s occupation: Businesswoman; Interviewee’s education: Grammar school, private tutor; Interviewee’s marital status: Married; Interviewee’s religion: Jewish; Interviewer: Kirrane, S; Interviewer’s gender: Female; Recording location: Interviewee’s home; Signal processing: Noise reduction: none; Download available: No; Contact us: Please contact EMOHA for enquiries about this item or to seek permission to use it.; Product rights: EMOHA; Restrictions: Full clearance; Themes: Racism, Religion, Work, World War II, Migration – See more at:
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